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No matter how sad I feel or how dark my thoughts get, I've promised myself to not leave this earth until my website is static.

Under construction!! ---------- I finally got rid of the ugly ass list format yay!!

About me :))


    Name: Mya

    Level: 16

    Pronouns: she/her

    Birthday: 10th sept

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Hi!! I'm Mya, but you also may know me as Bambi or Ruri. Anyways, I like watching anime and coding - absolutely riveting am I right? I love Obey Me, and I'd date Mammon in a heartbeat!! (character not the actual demon lmao).

    Virgo sun / Leo moon / Cap rising



Some images have links to edits of that character!!

Click here to see a shigure and ayame edit, or click here to see a gon and killua edit!!


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Intoducing myself as anime characters

Height: 175cm / Birthday: 10th september / Sun sign: virgo / Mbti: intj

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