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No matter how sad I feel or how dark my thoughts get, I've promised myself to not leave this earth until my website is static.

Website under construction!! (* ^ ω ^) ---------- This website is rated: web 14 // TW: mentions of s/h and other self destructive behaviours and thoughts ----------- NEW: anime watchlist format updated ----------- Feel free to link me using my button!! (scroll down)

Welcome to my website!!

Hi!! I wanted to make a website for myself so I could have a place to put everything I like on it.

On here I rant about my interests, share links to things I find cool and f*ck around as much as I can essentially.

This is my first time ever learning html/css and I'm very much learning on the job!!

Feel free to contact me to suggest improvements and such, I don't bite lol. Contact me here.

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Started: 1st March 21, Last updated: 12th October 21

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